Make a difference with food

I became vegetarian about 5 years ago. Very shrtly afterwards I became a vegan. I have since fallen off the wagon and eat cheese and eggs. I LOVE CHEESE. Nonetheless vegansism and vegetarianism are the best way to reduce you consumption of fossil fuels among other things. There is a doco coming out soon called PlanEAT about how the food we eat impacts the planet. Watch the trailer below.

Lazy me

It's been ages since my last post (sounds like confession to the priest). I have been writing my thesis so have not had much time for blogging lately.

Here is something that I read today. It explains how I felt in my last post about the disparities within christianity. Again I stress the point about god's infallible nature. If god were all powerful, with complete power over the universe there is no way this could happen. His word should not lead to confusion. All people who read it should interpret it the same way. And, if they don't god should magically make them understand it in the same way.

Here are some bits that I like from the above link

Some of us, on the basis of our relationship with God, knew him to be loving, compassionate, generous, always reaching out to us, pitying our mistakes rather than condemning them. Others, on the basis of their relationship with God, knew him to be angry, jealous, punitive.

Some of us knew that God had more important things to worry about than our sex lives; others knew that human sexual impurity was deeply offensive to him.

Some of us knew that God wanted us to respond to other people’s shortcomings with tolerance and forbearance and humility; others knew that he wanted sin to be made an example of, to be held up and publicly rebuked.

Some of us knew that God was offended by conspicuous consumption when so many people had nothing; others knew that God showered wealth along with other good things on those of whom he approved.

Some of us knew that God saw all religions as different expressions of people’s yearning for him; others knew that traditional, orthodox Christianity was the only route to him.

Some of us knew that the devil was just a myth to explain the existence of evil; others knew that the devil was very real and a genuine threat to our souls.

Some of us knew that there was no way God could ever allow such a thing as hell; others knew that hell was very much a part of God’s ordained order.