Make a difference with food

I became vegetarian about 5 years ago. Very shrtly afterwards I became a vegan. I have since fallen off the wagon and eat cheese and eggs. I LOVE CHEESE. Nonetheless vegansism and vegetarianism are the best way to reduce you consumption of fossil fuels among other things. There is a doco coming out soon called PlanEAT about how the food we eat impacts the planet. Watch the trailer below.


Paul said...

The documentary looks really interesting, will have to keep an eye out for its release here.

I went to their site, and was actually a bit disappointed with some of the info they were promoting. The first person listed on their ideas and recipes page claims that one of eight principles of healthy eating is:

"Eliminate oil! Empty all oil, even virgin olive oil out of your cupboards then you CAN’T use it."

This is bullshit. Fat is an important macronutrient.

She claims it is better to replace it with a salt-free vegetable stock, juice or vinegar in cooking, or bananas(?) in baking.

Weird. And not good advice.

Jarrod said...

Can't win them all I guess. Although it is a shame that they can get such a fundamental thing wrong.

stock, juice or vinegar sound like such delicious substitutes for yucky oil.

What are is her reasoning?
Whatever it is I would be happy to chance it than go without that wonderful vector of flavour; FAT!!!

Jarrod said...

I just looked and noticed that she has no reasoning. WTF?

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