The 'avian wolf'

Photo courtesy of wikipedia
 The kea (Nestor notabilis), is a large alpine parrot (the world's only alpine parrot) endemic to New Zealand. Kea are highly intelligent birds and have been described as neophiles. This combination has made the birds infamous, often seen causing damage to parked cars by ripping out the beading around windows and even removing valve caps from tyres and deflating them. See the video below, narrated by the man. When you are camping in kea country it is advised to rise early and pack up your tent before the birds get there and "investigate" your tent. When doing a bit of reading about kea, I found the most intriguing video. I won't say much about it other than it is a two minute clip of kea, a parrot, doing something that might surprise you. Click here to watch it.

The video above is taken from a BBC doco entitled "The smartest parrot". You can watch it here where it is broken into three parts. Remember the clever crows from a week or so ago? Well, similar experiments have been done with kea with similar results.


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