Returning to the place of our origins

My friend in South Africa, Pico, just posted some pics on his facebook page from his trip to Maropeng (Setstwana for 'returning to the place of our origins'). Maropeng is a visitors centre about an hour drive from Johannesburg centred around the history and origins of modern humans. The area that Maropeng is situated in is a World Heratige site called "The Cradle of Humankind" and recognised to have "collectively yielded some of the most valuable evidence of the origins of humankind ever found, including the renowned 'Mrs Ples' and 'Little Foot'."

If you live in Pretoria or Johannesburg it looks like a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday cramming your head full of human history.

The picture below is for Pico. Seems more appropriate than the one you have on facebook given your chosen vocation.

The evolution of Snippy


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