Not so private now

I acquired a fantastic book this weekend called 'The private life of plants', a title tantalisingly similar to a book I posted about previously. It is a book by my favourite nature-documentary host, David Attenborough. I wonder if Colin Tudge is a fan too?

The book is broken up into six sections:

1. Travelling - Mostly about seed dispersal
2. Growing
3. Flowering
4. The social struggle - A great chapter of niche differences
5. Living together - All about relationships between species such as parasitic, mutualism etc.
6. Surviving - Plants in extreme environments

The book has subsequently been made in to a series by the BBC narrated by David Attenborough. I have only seen a few of these but, they are great. The growing episode is awesome using time lapsed footage. Watch the video below for part of the first episode.


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